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O you genetic miracles, here me out. This is what I have been up to in the last couple of weeks...
Week Four
Who is a DRC and who is a brand copywriter? What makes them different and what really is their job specification?
It all started on a Saturday. Iya Abiwere walked into our house, she brought Death along, and they came looking for no one else but my baby sister…
In 2022, I read 40 new books, and maybe 15 books that I have read before. Last Jan., I finished 8 books, reviewed them all, and then struggled to…
Prior to 2023, everyone in the world loved drugs. We pop pills every time. Over-the-counter drugs, Iya Wakili Chemist Shop recommendations, neighbour’s…
I’m sorry… I am absolutely sorry I ghosted you… please, I am sorry and I won’t leave here until you forgive me.
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